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 .ct5. RCON policies.

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PostSubject: .ct5. RCON policies.   Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:17 am

RCON ( Remote Control) is a utility that gives us access to certain aspects of our server and its properties while we're ingame or on our desktops. Different RCON utilities allow you to change different settings in your server but for our purposes, we'll be talking about kicking, tempbanning, or banning people. First, what does each do, and how does it affect the player?

1.) Kicking. Kicks a player out of the server. The player can return immediately.
2.) Temporarily Banning. Temporarily bans a player for a predetermined amount of time. In our case, 3600 seconds, 60 minutes, or one hour. Whichever comes first.
3.) Banning. Permantly bans a player from the server. Bans can be lifted if one so chooses.

Now, here are some guidelines concerning the use of RCON.

*** All full members have RCON and are instructed to agressively enforce our rules and policies.

*** By our rules and policies, I mean .ct5.'s policies, not your own.

*** If players are being disruptive, abusive, using banned weapons, ect, warn/kick/tempban.

*** We ban for hacks, glitching, being out of map boundries, exploiting the game, ect. Not because someones a dick or because we suspect that they're hacking.

*** If you have to keep kicking/t-banning the same person over and over again for the same reason, ban them.

*** If someone is overly abusive to any .ct5. moderator they may be banned at the mods discretion.

*** If you ban anybody from any .ct5. server, you must post the time, date, the name of the banned player, & what he did to become banned in the appropriate section of this forum.

*** If somebody is banned and they come here and post an appeal, it will be left to the discretion of the member who did the banning as to whether or not the ban will be lifted.

*** Do not abuse RCON privileges but on the same token, don't let people disrespect you, your server, or anybody playing in it.

An RCON how-to post will be coming soon.

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.ct5. RCON policies.
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