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 More Power

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PostSubject: More Power   Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:03 pm

A few of you know that I've recently added 4 more gigs of ram for a total of 8. It's kinda cool....Win7 loads like lightning and my machine doesn' choke on shit but I didn't notice a whole lot of difference....until.....
I got into my BIOS and overclocked my ram to 2000 MHz and opened another core in my CPU. This can lead to instability in some machines but I'm running fast and hard. So, this being done, I have noticed that my game runs smoother but I worried about my memory so I dropped it back down to 1600MHz. With 8 gigs of system memory and 1 gig of VRAM this had no effect on the game. Still running like it was at 2000 MHz.
I decided that I would see what this Sapphire Toxic can really do in the overclocking arena so I got into CCC and was seriously disappointed to find out that you can only get a 10 Mhz boost over the 765 MHz Core and no more frequency in the memory. This may be because the Sapphire Toxic already comes pre-overclocked from the factory. The reference card for the HD 5850 series runs at 725 core and 1000 MHz memory the Sapphire Toxic boosts those values to 765 MHz core and 1125 Mhz memory. Being relentless, determined, and realllllly high with nothing better to do than drink beer and blow my PC up, I decided I needed to find me a good overclocking utility. What I found was AMDs GPU Clock Tool. I dicked around for quite some time and was able to get a stable overclock at 875 MHz Core and 1225 MHz memory. + 110 MHz Core and +100 Mhz momory on a card that came overclocked from from the factory. I ran the game for 8 or 10 maps with no issues then tuened my core and memory down some because I had it tweaked REALLY high. When I came out of the game the Vapor X cooling solution in this card was taking care of business. I was at 55c after a solid hour with my GPU OCed to the fuckin max. I got a definite increase in FPS but i have my cfg limited at 125 so i dont know how much....it is pretty much solid at 125 now and it wasnt before i tweaked my hardware. Gotta love this shit.
Anybody else drive fast and take chances?? Post it!

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PostSubject: Re: More Power   Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:16 pm

PHukYea! you are a mad scientist Ok... post the place you found the tools and I will be close behind you. Two sticks of DDR2 are headin my way post haste. If I fry my shit I'll send it to you along with a scratch

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More Power
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